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First Thing's First

As a couple who is trying to do the majority of their wedding planning by themselves, can you take a guess what the first step in the planning process needs to be?!

Correct! Hiring Dragonfly Services!.....THEN, in all seriousness, making a guest list. Many couples jump right in to trying to find their venue and their caterer and scrolling through Pinterest to find those center pieces they loved. These are the most fun parts of course! But taking a step back, you will realize that the venue will ask how many people are on the guest list before they can make a decision, the caterer needs to know how many people they are serving before they offer menu choices, and the center pieces depend on how many tables will be set up, which again, depends on the number of guests.

Although it is not the most fun piece of the planning, it is the most important piece to be sure to get a handle on early. Planning a DIY wedding will consist of a lot of number crunching. Couples need to make their lists and stick to them. (Sticking to those guest lists is another whole post for the future. Stay Tuned.) It is a necessity for budgeting. No one wants a wedding that becomes a financial nightmare. All it takes is a bit of good planning. After that step of completing the guest list, it is time to get to the good stuff and making your day just the way you want it!

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