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"We worked with Wendy as our day-of coordinator and cannot recommend her enough! She is organized, calm, resourceful, and is so instrumental in making sure everything is taken care of. From helping out with cupcake delivery, to ensuring our guests were comfortable, to helping us craft an amazing ceremony, Wendy is the best day-of wedding coordinator we could have asked for!"  
           ~ Rachel and Robin (New Jersey)

"As a DIY-type bride, I wasn't sure that I needed a wedding coordinator, but my venue convinced me that it was a good idea, and they were right! Wendy helped make the day go smoothly, from handling the delivery of chairs, interacting with all of the vendors like the florist, caterer and musicians, and making sure that everything went according to plan. She managed the details such as ensuring that the 'first dance' song played at the right time, telling the bridesmaids when it was time to walk down the aisle, etc. She had a back-up plan prepared just in case the weather didn't cooperate, too. Wendy's personality is calm and friendly, and she handled the whole day with the right amount of grace, enthusiasm, and assertiveness."   Ariel (Maine)

"Wendy is a dream to work with. Professional, easygoing, organized, responsive, a good listener, warm, hard-working. We couldn't have hoped for a better person to help us on our wedding day. Trust us: Snatch her up before other people do!"   

                     - Britt & Jonathan

"We were so fortunate to have had Wendy be the guardian of our special day. And I say guardian, because she truly is the keeper of order for your day and the couple being wed.

She made sure that every detail from ripping the sides off the tent, to lining the whoopie pies up, to making sure the transitions went smoothly between events went off without a hitch!

I have known Wendy for many years in my personal life and I always looked up to her and respected her for her parenting skills, unreal gardens, and our friendship. I have now learned to respect Wendy first hand on a business level as well. She holds everyone around her to the highest expectation on your day. She does it with poise, grace, and years of experience!

If you were like me, you dreamt of this day for years. Please do yourself the biggest favor and make sure to hire Wendy Caron as the guardian and keeper of your special day. You will not be disappointed!! 

We love you and will be forever grateful, Wendy. Cheers!
"   Brittney & Sam (Texas)

The Wedding of Kat & Noah // North Yarmouth, ME

The Wedding of Kat & Noah // North Yarmouth, ME

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