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Like a Dragonfly...

The dragonfly symbolizes change. It symbolizes growth, self-realization and emotional maturity. Dragonflies have a short time in their lives that they are able to fly. They live every minute of it to the fullest. Dragonflies are known to represent a deeper meaning in life. Like a dragonfly, a marriage represents finding a deeper meaning in a couple’s life. Dragonfly Services is in the business of helping couples enjoy this growth, this step, and the day that will change the rest of their lives.

A “day-of” coordinator is not the same thing as a wedding planner. A “day-of” coordinator is for couples who want to do most of their own planning, but want someone to support them on their special day so they can be living in the moment instead of worrying that everything goes as planned. This job is not for a parent or a friend; this job is for a professional. It needs to be someone who can minimize stress for everyone involved in the special day.

We, at Dragonfly Services, will be on-site from start to finish to manage timelines, vendors, and guests and to be sure things run smoothly. We want you to do your job, and get married to the love of your life, while we do our job, to take care of all of the details. We want you to be in the moment, and to embrace it and live it, like a dragonfly.

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