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Rehearsal Dinners Don't Have To Be Stressful!

Often times, couples who are planning their own weddings jump right in with excitement and spend a significant amount time planning for their big day. It is also important to begin thinking about other parts of the wedding sooner rather than later. The rehearsal, often times rehearsal dinner, is something that is super important to your wedding too! Although winging it is possible, it is even easier, and MUCH less stressful, if a few simple suggestions are taken into consideration.

1. If you still want to be the one to make the decisions, go ahead!...and then use your day of coordinator to run the show. (Even when you want to plan the whole thing, make decisions, and take on all of the organization, don't forget to use your day of coordinator to take the reins at the actual event so you can enjoy yourself! It is your special event after all.)

2. Choose and book your location early in your planning stages. (Make sure it is somewhere that is willing to work with what you want for your rehearsal. Is music okay? Can they do the entrée that you want?)

3. Choose guests wisely. (Although some couples choose to invite all of their guests to all pieces of the wedding weekend, it is most often a more intimate evening consisting of the wedding party, the immediate family and close friends.)

The absolute most important thing to keep in mind in regards to your rehearsal dinner, is that it is part of your wedding. It needs to be both fun, and successful. It does NOT need to be stressful!

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