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Hello 2019!

What can we expect to see couples wanting for their weddings in the new year?! It appears we are in for some fun new trends in 2019!

After doing some research, here are five new trends that we love, and expect to see a lot of this year!

1. Purple

The combination of calm and even-keeled blue, with energetic and fierce red create the color purple. The color purple has always been known as the color of royalty so it makes sense that it is taking over weddings! We expect to see a lot of purple bridesmaids dresses this year, ranging from light lilac to deep plum!

2. Drones

Drones are not only up and coming, but they are also up and coming in the wedding scene. Drones can take some of the most beautiful videos and photographs, so just imagine a coast line wedding starting with a wide view of the ocean and narrowing in to the beautiful couple! Ah-Mazing.

3. Unplugged Ceremonies

Some couples have started asking their guests to keep their phones turned off and out of sight for the ceremony. This allows all of the guests a more personal experience and a better memory of the beautiful event. Some people are (unintentionally) so wrapped up in their phones that they miss out on the magic and the "I dos", and others spend too much time trying to take the perfect pictures when someone else is already hired to do that! Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!

4. Mixing and Matching

Can't decide if you want to go rustic and farmhouse or shiny and glam? Well, you are not alone, and it is okay to mix it up and use inspiration from both. Think burlap table runner and gold glittery center pieces!

5. Wedding Cake Alternatives

Don't get me cakes are a lovely tradition. They can really add something to the ambience of the evening. The new trend though, is other small cakes or desserts for guests to enjoy at the reception. We have seen macaroons, cupcakes, eclairs, and a personal favorite in the new England area, whoopie pies! Hey, there is nothing wrong with a small cake for the bride and groom and then alternatives to share!

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