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Let Our Team Help You Avoid These Common Mistakes!

I found a fantastic bit of reading to share! Although this is published as advice geared towards brides, this is great information for any couples planning their wedding. Take a look here. "The 50 Mistakes Brides Always Make" talks about some decisions that will need to be made and some ways to avoid making common mistakes! My favorite advice is quoted here:

"You Rule Out a Wedding Planner Altogether:

The most stressful planning period? The week before the big day. That's when handfuls of unforeseen details arise, leaving some brides sorting out spreadsheets instead of connecting with friends and family. Avoid this by hiring a "week of" or even "day of" planner. He or she will handle last-minute vendor meetings and put out fires so you don't have to. If budget is a concern, some planners even offer hourly services."

In my experience, some of the most common "uh-oh" moments I have seen are:

No one is in charge of rehearsal

and it ends up that no one is any more prepared for the big day than they were before the rehearsal! Everyone should be comfortable with the procession before they are part of it.

Somebody misplaces the rings

which always happens to be noticed at the most inconvenient time...right before the ceremony begins. This is far from ideal for anyones stress levels.

The timing is off

for everything! There ends up being a huge gap between when the mother of the bride walks down the isle and the next member of the wedding party. Another huge gap between the ceremony and the reception and the caterers aren't done plating, and the DJ misses his cue for the grand entrance of the bride and groom. NOT ideal.

If you have considered, and decided against, the need for a wedding planner, there is still the option of the day of coordinator. We can help you organize the final details, walk you through the rehearsal, hang on to the rings, and enforce the timeline. We can help you avoid these mistakes! Let us do the research for you. There is no need of making mistakes on the most important day of your life.

By having a day of coordinator ( DRAGONFLY SERVICES) all of these uncertainties can be avoided. In the off chance that something DOES go do not need to worry because someone else is already fixing it. There are so many feelings involved on a wedding day and stress does not have to be one of them! Do yourself a favor and let us help you!

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