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What Pinterest Isn't Telling You

I can confidently say that MOST brides, and maybe even a few grooms, spend a chunk of time on Pinterest while planning their wedding. There seem to be more ideas for color pallets, flowers, decorations and menus than one can even handle.

So, once you get all of those fabulous ideas pinned, then what?! You choose your favorites, and try to figure out how you can make them all happen and work together to create your own vision for your special day.

Here is a quick (and not so overwhelming) look at some of the most popular trends RIGHT NOW.

LOUD Colors: Bright and fun colors are IN for this upcoming summer season. According to my research, turquoise, coral and periwinkle are some of the favorites! Adding silver and gold or a touch of glitter to these bright pallets is all the rage. Check out this site which gives some great glitter themed DIY wedding ideas.

Flowers From the Farm: Sunflowers, snap dragons, zinnias, lilies and so many other beautiful wildflowers are IN this season to make bright and beautiful bouquets. Talk to your local farmers or greenhouses for affordable options, or order all of your flowers online!

Sparkles AND Reclaimed Wood: Sounds like a mistake, right?! Reclaimed wood and rustic styles are showing up everywhere! Add a little sparkle and you go from rustic and charming to rustic, charming and GLAM. Try putting your bouquets in mason jars wrapped in burlap, using sparkly table cloths/runners and big barn style wooden tables.

Family Style Feast: Not only does a family feast make a wedding more intimate, it also makes for less wasted food! Not having to wait in line will definitely make your guests happy and staying seated allows for friendly conversation. There are always pros and cons but going family style seems to be what many couples are doing right now.

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