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Cheers to Signature Cocktails!

Everyone seems to love a signature cocktail these days. Weather it is as simple as Captain Morgan and Coke, or a bit more complex, like a Maine blueberry mojito, it is just another little piece of a memorable event!

I really like the idea of having "big batch" signature cocktails ready to roll at reception time and/or cocktail hour. This makes the initial bar rush more manageable for guests and bar tenders. Check out some of the ideas that The Knot website has for big batch cocktails. Number 3, the Strawberry Rose' Punch, would be absolutely perfect for a fun summer wedding. Number 6, Warm Cider and Rum Punch, would be toasty for the chilly months!

If the "big batch" cocktails are not your style and you prefer that each is made to order, there are still plenty of ideas that are affordable and not too time consuming. One of my favorites, a mojito with blueberries, is a common signature cocktail in Maine, as many Maine weddings have plenty of guests from out of state that want the "whole Maine experience"! The best part is, although it seems complicated, it is super easy! All you need is blueberries, some fresh mint leaves, squeezed lime and a squirt of simple syrup muddled to release the flavor, topped with Bacardi silver rum, and soda water. You will end up with a beautiful and delicious, refreshing cocktail every time!

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